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Issue #48

Agents Involved In Silk Road Investigation Arrested Two federal agents involved in the operation have been arrested and charged with money laundering. (bbc.com) Interest In Bitcoin Continues To Grow Big names from the world of finance are taking up positions at Bitcoin companies, seeing an opportunity to overhaul an old financial system. (wsj.com) The King’s […]

Issue #45

Coin.co Introduces Bitcoin Billpay In its second announcement in as many weeks, Coin.co has said it is working on a platform that would allow users to pay their bills with bitcoin. (coin.co) 21 Inc. Raises $116 Million In Funding The secretive company’s fundraising set a new record for digital currency related companies. (wsj.com) S&P Could […]

Issue #41

Coin.co Adds “Express” Option In a bid to expand its services to a greater reach, the company launched Coin.co Express, a quick and easy way for merchants to add a bitcoin payment option. (coin.co) Coin Apex Co-Founder Launches Bitcoin Project Alex Waters has launched a crowdfunding project to help streamline testing of Bitcoin Core. (coinapex.com) […]

Issue #38

Coinbase Raises $75 Million The amount raised by the wallet and payment processor company marks a new record for Bitcoin startups. (nytimes.com) Bitcoin Foundation To Redirect Focus Moving away from its role as Bitcoin advocate, the organization will now manage the development of the infrastructure supporting Bitcoin. (forbes.com) Lighthouse App Launches The new app allows […]

Issue #33

California Agency Considers Bitcoin Oversight California‚Äôs Business Oversight Department may be able to use the same law that applies to money transmitters to oversee digital currencies. (bloomberg.com) SecondMarket Gets Lion’s Share At Marshals’ Auction Investor interest was markedly lower in the second auction of bitcoin seized from Silk Road. (nytimes.com) Bitcoin Taxation Review The IRS, […]

Issue #11

Xapo Valued At Over $100 Million The company, which offers an online bitcoin wallet service, has raised over $20 million in its latest funding round, indicating ongoing investor interest in digital currencies.(wsj.com) Bitcoin Struggling To Overhaul Remittances Overseas remittance fees occupy an area in which Bitcoin could cause an efficiency revolution, but digital currencies have […]