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Issue #52

Coinbase Launches In UK Users in the UK will be able to utilize both the wallet service and the company’s exchange. (theguardian.com) Quarterly Bitcoin Report Is Mixed Though venture capital funding remains high, other key metrics have missed expectations. (techcrunch.com) Bitcoin In Argentina Argentina’s Bitcoin community is small, but the country enjoys a high rate […]

Issue #39

Alex Waters Speaks At Bitcoin Legal Panel The Bitcoin entrepreneur will attend the Business Survival Guide to Bitcoin panel at the New York State Bar Association’s annual event. (coinapex.com) Coin.co Incorporates Bitcoin Guide Seeking to inform businesses considering acceptance of bitcoin payments, Coin.co now offers access to an educatational guide on the digital currency. (coin.co) […]

Issue #38

Coinbase Raises $75 Million The amount raised by the wallet and payment processor company marks a new record for Bitcoin startups. (nytimes.com) Bitcoin Foundation To Redirect Focus Moving away from its role as Bitcoin advocate, the organization will now manage the development of the infrastructure supporting Bitcoin. (forbes.com) Lighthouse App Launches The new app allows […]

Issue #30

US Marshals To Auction More Bitcoin Following an earlier auction of bitcoin seized during the shut down of Silk Road 2.0, the Marshals intend to sell a further 50,000 bitcoins. (forbes.com) Blockstream Scores High Profile Investors Investors associated with LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google, and Sun Microsoft have allowed Blockstream to raise $21 million in funding. (wsj.com) […]

Issue #10

Newegg Becomes Latest Giant To Accept Bitcoin The news that the electronics retailer accepts bitcoin came as little surprise to many, as the company had previously hinted it would do so. (cnet.com) California Legalizes Bitcoin Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that declares digital currencies, like Bitcoin, legal money in the State of […]

Issue #5

Coinbase Offers $10 To College Students Drawing parallels to the recent MIT initiative, Coinbase is giving $10 to everyone who signs up for their service with a .edu email account. (coinbase.com) BitReserve and Circle: Bitcoin Sans Bitcoin Two companies are looking to use the technology underpinning bitcoin, while seeking to deemphasize the currency to their […]