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Issue #51

Rainforest Foundation, BitSeeds and Coin.co Team Up For A Cause The organizations have found an innovative way to further the goal of planting one billion seeds. (coindesk.com) The History Of Wall Street’s Relationship With Bitcoin The financial industry was once skepitcal of digital currencies, but that early doubt has largly dissipated. (techcrunch.com) Rand Paul Addresses […]

Issue #47

Coin.co Announces Savings Coin.co’s latest product announcement is a capability that will give users the ability to easily allocate and manage bitcoin savings. (coin.co) U.K. Plans To Regulate Exchanges The Treasury has announced plans to launch new regulations to protect consumers against criminal activity. (wsj.com) A Conversation With Alex Waters The CEO of Coin.co discussed […]

Issue #46

Coin.co Announces Insights The third week of the company’s announcements brings “Insights,” a better, more convenient way to manage one’s bitcoin. (coin.co) IBM Said To Be Developing Digital Currency Technology Unlike bitcoin’s wholly decentralized nature, IBM’s proposal would work with central banks. (reuters.com) Number Of Bitcoin Users Projected To Grow A report from Juniper Research […]

Issue #42

New York City Councilman Proposes Bitcoin Bill Mark Levine introduced a bill that would allow the city to accept bitcoin for fines and other fees. (coindesk.com) Bitcoin In Africa: Opportunity In Money Transfers With high remittance fees adding costs to money transfers, Bitcoin has the potential of offering a cheaper solution. (cnn.com) Coin.co Releases API […]

Issue #41

Coin.co Adds “Express” Option In a bid to expand its services to a greater reach, the company launched Coin.co Express, a quick and easy way for merchants to add a bitcoin payment option. (coin.co) Coin Apex Co-Founder Launches Bitcoin Project Alex Waters has launched a crowdfunding project to help streamline testing of Bitcoin Core. (coinapex.com) […]

Issue #15

PlayerAuctions Now Accepts Bitcoin The company, a major player in the secondary gaming market, is a natural fit for virtual currency payments. (coin.co) George Osborne Announces Bitcoin Initiative The UK chancellor plans to explore the role that Bitcoin could have in the country’s economy. (bbc.co.uk) Visa Network Could Support Bitcoin The company’s CEO says that […]

Issue #12

Coin.co Launches WHMCS Plugin For Bitcoin The plugin allows users of WHMCS, a popular billing solution for online businesses, to seamlessly process payments using bitcoin. (coin.co) CoinDesk Releases Latest “State Of Bitcoin” Report The latest report indicates an ever increasing number of bitcoin-accepting merchants and burgeoning investment in the field. (coindesk.com) LinkedIn Co-Founder Betting On […]