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Issue #48

Agents Involved In Silk Road Investigation Arrested Two federal agents involved in the operation have been arrested and charged with money laundering. (bbc.com) Interest In Bitcoin Continues To Grow Big names from the world of finance are taking up positions at Bitcoin companies, seeing an opportunity to overhaul an old financial system. (wsj.com) The King’s […]

Issue #46

Coin.co Announces Insights The third week of the company’s announcements brings “Insights,” a better, more convenient way to manage one’s bitcoin. (coin.co) IBM Said To Be Developing Digital Currency Technology Unlike bitcoin’s wholly decentralized nature, IBM’s proposal would work with central banks. (reuters.com) Number Of Bitcoin Users Projected To Grow A report from Juniper Research […]

Issue #36

Coin Apex Gets A New Look As 2015 begins, Coin Apex reflects on the past year and tightens its focus on its current projects. (coinapex.com) Bitstamp Breached, Loses $5.2 Million Major Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp has suspended services following a security lapse resulting in the theft of thousands of bitcoins. (forbes.com) China’s Stocks Rally, Bitcoin’s Price […]

Issue #4

Congressman Accepts Bitcoin Donations Following a decision by the FEC to allow small donations in bitcoin to political candidates, Representative Jared Polis, an outspoken advocate of the currency, has announced his decision to accept bitcoins for his reelection bid. (time.com) US Government Report Says China Threatens Bitcoin The report states that if regulators in China […]