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Issue #51

Rainforest Foundation, BitSeeds and Coin.co Team Up For A Cause The organizations have found an innovative way to further the goal of planting one billion seeds. (coindesk.com) The History Of Wall Street’s Relationship With Bitcoin The financial industry was once skepitcal of digital currencies, but that early doubt has largly dissipated. (techcrunch.com) Rand Paul Addresses […]

Issue #49

Former Nike CIO To Join Bitreserve After a brief stint at Nike, Anthony Watson will become the next president and Chief Operating Officer of Bitreserve. (fortune.com) Rand Paul Accepts Bitcoin Donations The recently declared presidential candidate has begun accepting bitcoin donations for his campaign. (vox.com) Predicting Crashes Two physicists searching for a model to forecast […]

Issue #38

Coinbase Raises $75 Million The amount raised by the wallet and payment processor company marks a new record for Bitcoin startups. (nytimes.com) Bitcoin Foundation To Redirect Focus Moving away from its role as Bitcoin advocate, the organization will now manage the development of the infrastructure supporting Bitcoin. (forbes.com) Lighthouse App Launches The new app allows […]