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Issue #20

Braintree To Allow Bitcoin Payments The news from the PayPal subsidiary, a company that facilitates payments for mobile apps, could signal a wider move into the Bitcoin space by PayPal. (recode.net) What Does Apple Pay Mean For Bitcoin? Apple’s announcement to enter the mobile payments sector will likely have an impact on Bitcoin. (cnbc.com) UK […]

Issue #14

The Wikipedia Foundation Accepts Bitcoin The move by the foundation that runs Wikipedia means it is now the largest non-profit to accept bitcoin. (time.com) Blockchain App Reinstated In App Store After a change in Apple’s policy regarding digital currencies, Blockchain’s Bitcoin app has been reinstated. (wsj.com) Overstock Issues “Cryptosecurity” Plan Led by CEO Patrick Byrne, […]

Issue #6

Dish Network To Accept Bitcoin The satellite television corporation will soon be the largest company to accept bitcoins as a means of payment. (abcnews.com) Citi: Bitcoin Is A Threat A recent report published by Citi calls bitcoin a threat to established payment methods, such as debit and credit card issuers, provided that adoption of the […]