Issue #9

Canadian Money Laundering Law Includes Bitcoin Regulations

Canada has moved to regulate Bitcoin related businesses to ensure they abide by laws for money servicing entities. (

Congressman Jared Polis Vows to Protect Bitcoin

The congressman from Colorado has said that he will use his powers to ensure that Bitcoin is not stifled by government agencies. (

Peter Diamandis Explains Why He Believes In Bitcoin

The renowned entrepreneur outlines the strengths of Bitcoin and the reasons why he converted his gold holdings to bitcoin. (

Overstock Will Donate 3% Of Bitcoin Profits To Promote Crypto

The CEO of Overstock has announced that 3% of the company’s revenue from bitcoin sales will be donated to raise cryptocurrency awareness. (

Jersey Seeking to Become Bitcoin Leader

A group in the British Crown dependency has announced that it aims to bring the island to the forefront in the digital currency space. (

Swiss Government Says It Won’t Regulate Bitcoin Yet

The Federal Council has stated that cryptocurrencies are currently too “insignificant” to be regulated. (