Issue #7

Expedia Adopts Bitcoin

Expedia’s customers can already book hotel accommodations, and the company plans to add a bitcoin payment option to its other services soon. (

What Will The Blockchain Yield?

A decentralized future is envisioned in a lengthy article about the blockchain’s potential. (

Bitcoin Moves Closer to Legality in California

Amid concern that the current law stifles innovation in digital currencies, the California Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee voted to send a bill to the State Senate that would recognize bitcoin as legal tender. (

Malaysian Retailer i-Pmart Accepts And Holds Bitcoin

Unlike other bitcoin-accepting companies, the e-commerce giant plans to hold all of its bitcoin, rather than convert it to fiat. (

Amazon Launches Payment System

The likelihood that Amazon will soon accept bitcoin took a blow on Monday when the retailer integrated a new “Pay With Amazon” option. (

Yahoo And Google Both Add Bitcoin To Their Finance Sections

In the space of two days, both Yahoo Finance and Google Finance added bitcoin prices to their networks. (

Central Bankers Publish Paper Supporting Centralized Digital Currencies

Acknowledging the benefits of bitcoin’s underlying technology, the Bank of England’s chief economist and the executive director of the central bank of Norway argue for a controlled digital currency. (