Issue #51

Rainforest Foundation, BitSeeds and Team Up For A Cause

The organizations have found an innovative way to further the goal of planting one billion seeds. (

The History Of Wall Street’s Relationship With Bitcoin

The financial industry was once skepitcal of digital currencies, but that early doubt has largly dissipated. (

Rand Paul Addresses Bitcoin Audience

The presidential candidate spoke at an event hosted by Bitcoin Center NYC. (

Latin American Social Network Uses Bitcoin

Taringa!, a fast growing social network with 75 million users, has adopted bitcoin payments for content creators. (

How Do Countries Use Bitcoin?

Tech In Asia created a map highlighting the differences in Bitcoin use in various Asian countries. (

Bitcoin’s Shady Days Helped Spur Growth

Gavin Andresen, chief scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation, said that illicit deals from Bitcoin’s early days helped it grow into a more widely accepted currency. (