Issue #5

Coinbase Offers $10 To College Students

Drawing parallels to the recent MIT initiative, Coinbase is giving $10 to everyone who signs up for their service with a .edu email account. (

BitReserve and Circle: Bitcoin Sans Bitcoin

Two companies are looking to use the technology underpinning bitcoin, while seeking to deemphasize the currency to their users. (

Latest Statements from Federal Reserve

Recently disclosed documents from a May 9th meeting between the Federal Advisory Committee and the Board of Governors indicate the bank has positive expectations for bitcoin. (

Nod With Google Glass, Pay With Bitcoin

A new app for Google Glass allows users to pay instantly at any location that accepts bitcoin. (

Winklevoss Twins Say Bitcoin Bigger Than Facebook

In their latest high profile statement, the billionaire investors involved with Facebook’s beginnings claim that bitcoin will be bigger than the social network. (

Toshiba’s VisualTouch Point of Sale Systems Support Bitcoin

More than 6,000 companies use VisualTouch, all of which can now process bitcoin payments. (

Chicago Sun-Times Featuring Bitcoin Driven Ads

In its latest bitcoin experiment, the newspaper is using ads featuring QR codes to allow readers to connect directly with a ticket exchange for a Jaz-Z and Beyonce concert. (