Issue #48

Agents Involved In Silk Road Investigation Arrested

Two federal agents involved in the operation have been arrested and charged with money laundering. (

Interest In Bitcoin Continues To Grow

Big names from the world of finance are taking up positions at Bitcoin companies, seeing an opportunity to overhaul an old financial system. (

The King’s College To Host Digital Currency Event

The King’s College will host a roundtable event featuring its president, Gregory Thornbury, as well as former U.S. Mint Director Edmund Moy. (

After A Clampdown, Bitcoin Use Switches Gears

Over a year ago, the Chinese government issued a stern warning to Bitcoin users. Since then, Bitcoin use in the country has evolved into speculative trading. (

Using History To Aid Bitcoin

Despite core differences between the two, the financial industry’s evolution over the last half century could provide Bitcoin with certain lessons. (