Issue #42

New York City Councilman Proposes Bitcoin Bill

Mark Levine introduced a bill that would allow the city to accept bitcoin for fines and other fees. (

Bitcoin In Africa: Opportunity In Money Transfers

With high remittance fees adding costs to money transfers, Bitcoin has the potential of offering a cheaper solution. ( Releases API Documentation

Developers can now access the documentation to learn how to use and build upon the API. (

Bitcoin Is Not Enough

Without offering protection for theft or lost keys, Bitcoin will never be good enough for most people, argues W. Ben Hunt. (

A Change In Bitcoin Trading

The way in which investors trade bitcoin has changed, prompting the possibility of increased price stability in the near future. (

Cars Will Own Themselves And Transact With Bitcoin

Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn envisions a future in which cars have no owners and consumers purchase their services with bitcoin. ( Switches To Bits

To help push the bitcoin unit defacto standard, has switched its invoices to bits. (