Issue #41 Adds “Express” Option

In a bid to expand its services to a greater reach, the company launched Express, a quick and easy way for merchants to add a bitcoin payment option. (

Coin Apex Co-Founder Launches Bitcoin Project

Alex Waters has launched a crowdfunding project to help streamline testing of Bitcoin Core. (

$387 Million Missing In Suspected MyCoin Ponzi Scheme

In a case reminiscent of Bernie Madoff’s infamous scheme, the Hong Kong based exchange promised huge returns on investments that never materialized. (

Ross Ulbricht Found Guilty

The man accused of creating and running the Silk Road website was found guilty on all seven charges. An appeal is expected. (

BitLicense Proposal Revisions Published

Benjamin Lawsky, the New York State Department of Financial Services superintendent, stated that there had been “major changes” from the original proposal. (

Italian Central Bank Issues Bitcoin Notices

According to the country’s banking authority, bitcoin exchanges are not required to enforce anti-money laundering policies, though they are encouraged to do so voluntarily. (

Inside A Bitcoin Mine

Take a look inside a repurposed factory housing 3,000 ASIC miners supporting the Bitcoin network. (