Issue #4

Congressman Accepts Bitcoin Donations

Following a decision by the FEC to allow small donations in bitcoin to political candidates, Representative Jared Polis, an outspoken advocate of the currency, has announced his decision to accept bitcoins for his reelection bid. (

US Government Report Says China Threatens Bitcoin

The report states that if regulators in China can successfully regulate bitcoin use the currency will face credibility threats as well as continued price declines. (

CeX Adopts Bitcoin

The Scottish tech store adopted bitcoin payments on its website and adopted a three day period where payments could only be made with bitcoin. (

Japan To Monitor Transactions More Closely

Authorities in Japan will increase oversight of illegal transactions involving digital currencies while the prime minister’s administration plans to issue a formal classification of such currencies. (

eBay CEO Hints At Bitcoin Integration

John Donahoe says bitcoin is important and offers many benefits, rendering it something that he and his team are monitoring closely. (

Winklevoss Twins To List Bitcoin ETF On Nasdaq

The ETF to be launched by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss will trade on Nasdaq. (

Bank Of Canada Comments On Bitcoin

The statement, which was included in a general report on digital currency platforms, says bitcoin could be destabilizing to global financial markets. (