Issue #36

Coin Apex Gets A New Look

As 2015 begins, Coin Apex reflects on the past year and tightens its focus on its current projects. (

Bitstamp Breached, Loses $5.2 Million

Major Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp has suspended services following a security lapse resulting in the theft of thousands of bitcoins. (

China’s Stocks Rally, Bitcoin’s Price Falls

Just as Chinese investors were deemed to have played a large part in Bitcoin’s 2013 surge and crash, so too they might now be causing a recent drop. (

Vault of Satoshi Shuts Down

The Canadian exchange has been closed so that its founders can focus on their successful Netflix based startup. (

Bitcoin And The African American Community

Adoption of Bitcoin among African Americans is low, yet some think it is a demographic that could gain significantly from digital currencies. (

Roger Ver Denied Entry To US

After renouncing his American citizenship in March, the Bitcoin entrepreneur and evangelist is having difficulty obtaining a visa to return. (