Issue #35

Banks Are Still A Stumbling Block

Many Bitcoin companies are still finding it difficult to obtain a bank account because of banks’ wariness of dealing with digital currencies. (

Bitcoin Could Gain On Weak Oil Prices

Currencies in oil producing nations could weaken further in 2015, which could cause Bitcoin to be seen as an attractive alternative. (

Bitcoin Bowl To Be Contested On Friday

The ESPN Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl will promote the digital currency in a different way than has been typically done. (

Shrem Receives Two Year Sentence

Charlie Shrem, the former CEO of BitInstant, received a two year sentence for violating anti-money laundering laws. (

New Applications: Crowdsales

Bitcoin technology could change the way crowdfunding currently works by creating a digital token for those who pledge funds to a project. (

Barry Silbert’s Five Phases Of Bitcoin Adoption

Silbert, a Bitcoin venture capitalist, thinks that 2015 will be the year in which Wall Street begins to move money into Bitcoin. (