Issue #33

California Agency Considers Bitcoin Oversight

California’s Business Oversight Department may be able to use the same law that applies to money transmitters to oversee digital currencies. (

SecondMarket Gets Lion’s Share At Marshals’ Auction

Investor interest was markedly lower in the second auction of bitcoin seized from Silk Road. (

Bitcoin Taxation Review

The IRS, America’s tax collection agency, has a complex set of rules when accounting for digital currencies. (

A Call For Discussion

Bitcoin proponents should be more accepting of others’ views to advance their cause, argues Martin Tillier. (

What Does The Future Hold?

Ideas abound for the future of the blockchain, from representation of physical assets to issuing shares through sidechains. (

Bitcoin Bowl Spreads Bitcoin Fever

Ahead of the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl, up to 100 local businesses have agreed to accept bitcoin by game week. (