Issue #32

ChangeTip Raises $3.5 Million

The app, which allows tipping across various social media apps, has raised funding through Pantera Capital. (

HSBC Ends Relationship With Bitcoin Fund

The Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund was launched in Jersey, and this latest development is a setback for the British Crown Dependency as it seeks to attract Bitcoin firms. (

Bitcoin Is Booming In Australia

Australian authorities are grappling with how best to police illicit activity surrounding Bitcoin, yet still allow the digital currency space to flourish. (

Possible Movement In Bitcoin Price

The price has been relatively stable in recent weeks, but the U.S. Marshals Auction on December 4th could change that. (

BitReserve Allows Gold Purchases

The company has added the option for customers to store their money in gold and convert it back to bitcoin for transactions. (

New Book Predicts Bitcoin Domination

Brian Kelly, an investor and a CNBC talk show contributor, claims that Bitcoin will take over the financial world in as little as a decade. (