Issue #31

Kraken To Aid Mt. Gox Investigation

Kraken has agreed to provide resources to assist the investigation of the Mt. Gox collapse and the reimbursement of its creditors. (

Bitcoin Black Friday Growing Rapidly

The number of merchants expected to take part in providing sales to customers who pay in bitcoin has doubled since last year. (

NYU Bitcoin Hackathon Yields New Applications

The winning team, comprised of two students at the The King’s College, created an online game in which players win Satoshis rather than points. (

A Look At MIT’s Bitcoin Trial

Economist Susan Athey discusses an examination she is helping to conduct in which every MIT undergraduate student is given $100 in bitcoin. (

Western Union Takes Offense at Bitcoin Parody

A parody of a Western Union ad that unfavorably compared the company with Bitcoin was posted on Facebook and subsequently removed following a legal request. (

The Blockchain Potential

Brock Pierce, an investor in cryptocurrency related businesses, says that though Bitcoin’s future is not guaranteed, the public ledger it uses is here to stay. (