Issue #30

US Marshals To Auction More Bitcoin

Following an earlier auction of bitcoin seized during the shut down of Silk Road 2.0, the Marshals intend to sell a further 50,000 bitcoins. (

Blockstream Scores High Profile Investors

Investors associated with LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google, and Sun Microsoft have allowed Blockstream to raise $21 million in funding. (

Mobile Payments Expected To Surge

A new study by Forrester indicates that Americans will nearly triple the amount of money they spend through mobile options in the next few years. (

New Bitcoin Storage Device To Launch

CryptoLabs plans to sell a device intended to replace physical wallets that the company says maintains security while improving ease of use. (

Coinbase Builds ChangeTip Rival

The company has launched a tipping feature that its clients can put on their websites to receive small amounts of money. (

Research Links Bitcoin News To Price

A newly published paper analyzes the determinants of Bitcoin’s value and concludes that news events are mainly responsible for price fluctuations. (