Issue #29

Digital Currency Roundtable At The King’s College

Coin Apex and The King’s College will host a roundtable event on November 19th to discuss current issues surrounding digital currency. (

Lawsky Rumored To Step Down

In the wake of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s reelection, the man behind the BitLicense proposal could resign as soon as early 2015. (

Karpeles Keeping A Low Profile

Eight months after Mt. Gox declared bankruptcy, Mark Karpeles is still reluctant to talk about the defunct company. (

New Trading Products Attract Investors

As venture capitalism money continues to flow into Bitcoin companies, investors are beginning to flock towards innovative products with which to trade digital currencies. (

Mining Facility Goes Up In Flames

A fire has burned down a Bitcoin mining operation in Thailand, highlighting a possible risk of such endeavors. (

Making Sense Of The Bitcoin ETF

While the SEC is in the process of deciding if it should approve two different Bitcoin ETFs, here’s what potential investors will want to know. (

Keeping Money In Hand

A Dutch entrepreneur has embedded an NFC chip in his hand so that he can more easily transfer Bitcoin. (