Issue #23

Circle Opens To Public

A new Bitcoin bank, Circle, aims to bring a new level of legitimacy to Bitcoin in its bid for mainstream adoption of the digital currency. (

Reddit Plans Own Cryptocurrency

Fresh off of a $50 million Series B funding round, Reddit plans to create a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for company shares. (

Diversity Among Bitcoin Users Is Growing

A larger number of people of different political backgrounds and interests are adopting the digital currency. (

Russia Still Hostile Towards Bitcoin

Rumors over the past few months have indicated that the Russian government was softening its stance on Bitcoin, yet the opposite seems to be true as legislators prepare new laws outlawing all cryptocurrency. (

What Is Bitcoin Mining?

A software engineer decided to mine Bitcoin by hand to explain the hashing algorithm used. (

Hedging Bitcoin

Due to the volatility of Bitcoin’s price, a few firms are attempting to push forward derivatives designed to hedge one’s investment. (