Issue #21

Bank Of England Examines Bitcoin

The central bank of the world’s sixth largest economy has published two papers regarding cryptocurrencies, with favorable findings about the distributed ledger system. (

TeraExchange Gets Regulatory Approval For Swap

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission approved the company’s proposal for a bitcoin derivative, a first for a Bitcoin company. (

Scotland Could Experiment With Bitcoin

On the eve of Scotland’s referendum to split from the UK, an assistant governor of the Bank of Australia says Scotland may have to test Bitcoin if it votes for independence. (

United Way Becomes Largest Charity To Accept Bitcoin

The world’s largest private non profit organization has begun accepting bitcoins as donation. (

Bangladesh Says Using Bitcoin Is A “Punishable Offense”

The country’s central bank, the Bangladesh Bank, issued the statement on Monday, adding that those caught could face up to twelve years in jail. (

Is Bitcoin Gaining Legitimacy?

Over the course of the past year, the traditionally volatile currency has stabilized somewhat and has attracted big names to the space. (