Issue #13

New York Reveals BitLicense Proposal

The New York State Department of Financial Services has revealed a draft for digital currency regulations. (

Dell Accepts Bitcoin

The announcement means Dell is now the largest company to accept bitcoin as payment. (

Former Director Of U.S. Mint Donates Bitcoin To The King’s College

The King’s College, the first college in the U.S. to accept bitcoin, has received its first virtual currency donation from Edmund Moy. (

CheapAir Reaches Bitcoin Milestone

The online travel agency has said that it has processed $1.5 million in Bitcoin transactions since November, when it first began to accept the digital currency. (

Bitcoin And Banking

A professional in the banking industry divulges the reasons behind the fraught relations between banks and Bitcoin related businesses. (

Response To BitLicense Proposal

Many in the Bitcoin community have reacted with alarm to certain parts of the proposed BitLicenses. (

AirBaltic First Airline To Accept Bitcoin

The Latvian airline company’s decision presents several questions regarding the implementation of the new technology. (