Issue #11

Xapo Valued At Over $100 Million

The company, which offers an online bitcoin wallet service, has raised over $20 million in its latest funding round, indicating ongoing investor interest in digital currencies.(

Bitcoin Struggling To Overhaul Remittances

Overseas remittance fees occupy an area in which Bitcoin could cause an efficiency revolution, but digital currencies have lagged behind their potential. (

French Police Shut Down Illegal Bitcoin Exchange

Over a quarter of a million dollars worth of bitcoins were seized in the first case of an illegal exchange getting dismantled in Europe. (

Judge Rejects The Notion That “Bitcoin Isn’t Money”

As the government continues to grapple with the legal definition of Bitcoin, the judge presiding over the Silk Road case has said that Bitcoin functioned similarily enough to money to constitute money laundering. (

New Zealand Central Banker Believes In Digital Currencies

A deputy governor at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand delivered a speech in which he argued that digital currencies could eventually replace cash and that central banks should embrace technological innovation. (