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Issue #42

New York City Councilman Proposes Bitcoin Bill Mark Levine introduced a bill that would allow the city to accept bitcoin for fines and other fees. ( Bitcoin In Africa: Opportunity In Money Transfers With high remittance fees adding costs to money transfers, Bitcoin has the potential of offering a cheaper solution. ( Releases API […]

Issue #41 Adds “Express” Option In a bid to expand its services to a greater reach, the company launched Express, a quick and easy way for merchants to add a bitcoin payment option. ( Coin Apex Co-Founder Launches Bitcoin Project Alex Waters has launched a crowdfunding project to help streamline testing of Bitcoin Core. ( […]

Issue #40 Announces Board Of Advisors That Includes Former Director Of The Mint A full spectrum of experts is announced in the newly formed board of advisors (, including Edmund C. Moy, the 38th Director of the United States Mint, who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the company. ( 2015: The Year of […]

Issue #39

Alex Waters Speaks At Bitcoin Legal Panel The Bitcoin entrepreneur will attend the Business Survival Guide to Bitcoin panel at the New York State Bar Association’s annual event. ( Incorporates Bitcoin Guide Seeking to inform businesses considering acceptance of bitcoin payments, now offers access to an educatational guide on the digital currency. ( […]

Issue #38

Coinbase Raises $75 Million The amount raised by the wallet and payment processor company marks a new record for Bitcoin startups. ( Bitcoin Foundation To Redirect Focus Moving away from its role as Bitcoin advocate, the organization will now manage the development of the infrastructure supporting Bitcoin. ( Lighthouse App Launches The new app allows […]

Issue #37

Bitstamp Back Online After losing over $5 million in bitcoin due to a malicious attack, Bitstamp is operational once again. ( The Bitcoin Lobby The decentralized, anonymously created currency has managed to muster money and people to lobby on its behalf. ( Bitcoin Price Crashes Below $200 After two days of heavy losses, the price […]

Issue #36

Coin Apex Gets A New Look As 2015 begins, Coin Apex reflects on the past year and tightens its focus on its current projects. ( Bitstamp Breached, Loses $5.2 Million Major Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp has suspended services following a security lapse resulting in the theft of thousands of bitcoins. ( China’s Stocks Rally, Bitcoin’s Price […]

Issue #35

Banks Are Still A Stumbling Block Many Bitcoin companies are still finding it difficult to obtain a bank account because of banks’ wariness of dealing with digital currencies. ( Bitcoin Could Gain On Weak Oil Prices Currencies in oil producing nations could weaken further in 2015, which could cause Bitcoin to be seen as an […]

Issue #34

Watch The Recent Digital Currency Roundtable Watch the Digital Currency Roundtable event hosted by Coin Apex and The King’s College. ( Microsoft Now Accepts Bitcoin The news from the technology giant means it is now the largest corporation to accept bitcoin. ( Russians Buy Bitcoin Bitcoin to ruble transactions have increased by almost 250% in […]

Issue #33

California Agency Considers Bitcoin Oversight California’s Business Oversight Department may be able to use the same law that applies to money transmitters to oversee digital currencies. ( SecondMarket Gets Lion’s Share At Marshals’ Auction Investor interest was markedly lower in the second auction of bitcoin seized from Silk Road. ( Bitcoin Taxation Review The IRS, […]