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Issue #52

Coinbase Launches In UK Users in the UK will be able to utilize both the wallet service and the company’s exchange. ( Quarterly Bitcoin Report Is Mixed Though venture capital funding remains high, other key metrics have missed expectations. ( Bitcoin In Argentina Argentina’s Bitcoin community is small, but the country enjoys a high rate […]

Issue #51

Rainforest Foundation, BitSeeds and Team Up For A Cause The organizations have found an innovative way to further the goal of planting one billion seeds. ( The History Of Wall Street’s Relationship With Bitcoin The financial industry was once skepitcal of digital currencies, but that early doubt has largly dissipated. ( Rand Paul Addresses […]

Issue #50

Charities Continue To Embrace Bitcoin An increasing number of charities now offers donors the option to contribute with bitcoin. ( Reid Hoffman Explains Why He Believes In Bitcoin The founder of LinkedIn says there were three main points that converted him from skeptic to investor. ( Infosys Looking At Blockchain Technology The technology consulting firm […]

Issue #49

Former Nike CIO To Join Bitreserve After a brief stint at Nike, Anthony Watson will become the next president and Chief Operating Officer of Bitreserve. ( Rand Paul Accepts Bitcoin Donations The recently declared presidential candidate has begun accepting bitcoin donations for his campaign. ( Predicting Crashes Two physicists searching for a model to forecast […]

Issue #48

Agents Involved In Silk Road Investigation Arrested Two federal agents involved in the operation have been arrested and charged with money laundering. ( Interest In Bitcoin Continues To Grow Big names from the world of finance are taking up positions at Bitcoin companies, seeing an opportunity to overhaul an old financial system. ( The King’s […]

Issue #47 Announces Savings’s latest product announcement is a capability that will give users the ability to easily allocate and manage bitcoin savings. ( U.K. Plans To Regulate Exchanges The Treasury has announced plans to launch new regulations to protect consumers against criminal activity. ( A Conversation With Alex Waters The CEO of discussed […]

Issue #46 Announces Insights The third week of the company’s announcements brings “Insights,” a better, more convenient way to manage one’s bitcoin. ( IBM Said To Be Developing Digital Currency Technology Unlike bitcoin’s wholly decentralized nature, IBM’s proposal would work with central banks. ( Number Of Bitcoin Users Projected To Grow A report from Juniper Research […]

Issue #45 Introduces Bitcoin Billpay In its second announcement in as many weeks, has said it is working on a platform that would allow users to pay their bills with bitcoin. ( 21 Inc. Raises $116 Million In Funding The secretive company’s fundraising set a new record for digital currency related companies. ( S&P Could […]

Issue #44 Announces Send-To-Sell In the first of a series of announcements, reports that it is working on a product to allow faster selling of bitcoin. ( Companies Increasingly Turning To Data Security As the price of bitcoin has faltered, companies involved in the technology are focusing on different applications of the blockchain. ( Bitcoin […]

Issue #43

Bank Of England Optimistic About Digital Currencies An analysis by the central bank concluded that digital currencies have the potential to fundamentally change the payments industry. ( T-Mobile Poland Trials Bitcoin Payments The Polish branch of the mobile communications company offers the option of purchasing cell phone credit with bitcoin. ( When Should A Business […]